Winner, winner, Vandall’s buying dinner!

Randall “Vandall” Harris stormed through the Lake of the BROzarks rollers and flew off some double ups to take the victory at the 2013 BROstock contest. With his signature go big or go home style, Randall claimed the top spot just over Aaron Rathy and Dean Smith. Thousands of spectators came to the cove outside Captain Ron’s on Lake of the BROzarks to tie up their boats and create one of the largest party flotillas known to wakeboarding. The top 12 riders from yesterdays quarterfinals competed in head-to-head semifinal rounds. The contest then got down to the final six: Danny Harf, Dean Smith, Steel Lafferty, Randall Harris, Adam Fields, and Aaron Rathy. While the riders had all agreed prior to the semifinal round that in the BRO spirit of BROstock they should split the pot (with the winner taking a more), the riders still wanted to go out and land their best tricks and take the title of BROstock champ. Despite the rollers in the water, the Axis A22 served up some huge double ups, courtesy of BROfessional driver Gregg Necrason and the riders reaped the rewards.

The podium came down to the wrapped nose grab toe back 5 of Randall, the wrapped switch indy 9 of Rathy, and the indy backside 7 of Dean. The judges had a lot to consider, but in the end it was Randall’s tech and amplitude that put him on top of the podium and with the big fake check in his hands. Look for more coverage of BROstock 2013 in a future issue of Alliance and for videos here on



Rathy waving to the RC chopper




Danny Hampson took home the title of Mr. BROstock. It was well deserved



Harf, mid finals




Rathy’s switch wrapped indy 9


Adam Fields always manages to ride his best and turn some heads at BROstock



Laughing, lounging



Signature Vandall on his way to the BROstock title



Tom Fooshee, the shirt says it all



Ladies of Monster



Watson, biggest fan of the Ladies of Monster