Wus upper homies!? I’m just gettin’ acclimated to this blog bizness, so hopefully it’s on point. Tonight I am preparing for a seven-day trip to Mexico. The supplies include two cases of Monster, two cases of Power Bars, two boards, one wakeskate, and enough West Side Rider stickers to cover every mechanical bull south of the border. I’ve been riding in Northern and Southern Cali the past two weeks in a fullsuit (because it’s been frigid) and two vests (because I have a separated rib.) So I’m lookin’ forward to ditchin’ the suit and trunkin’ it. I’m going to Kyle Murphy’s parents’ casa on the Rio Harde, where it’s supposedly all butter and sunshine. Ronn Seidenglanz of Sidewayz Films will be accompanying me so we can begin filming my section for the Gator Boards video due out in April. We are also going to begin filming Melissa Marquardt, Kyle, Josh Smith, and Aaron Aubrey for the West Side Riders video coming to stores near you when hell freezes over. Once in Mexico I intend to ride till the prop falls off and I’ve been taking whip cracking lessons from Gator so everyone around me will be doing the same. If all goes as planned I’ll be crossin back through Calexico a darker shade of brown, sportin’ a sombrero, and hopefully hording an arsenal of film and photos to get to all you wake fiends. Vaya con Dios! — Vandall