Danny with a little down time in the “Blue Lake.” Photo: Garrett Cortese

Defy is one of those videos that just puts you in complete awe of where wakeboarding and wakeskating have come from and where they are heading. The culmination of years of work and collaboration between Sean Kilgus and Danny Harf, Defy features some of the best riding and cinematography we’ve seen in years. There is too much good riding to talk about in this little story, but Danny’s closing section at the now infamous “Blue Lake” can’t go unmentioned. Year after year, no matter injuries or age, Danny still comes out and proves to the world of wakeboarding that he is still on top. The list of tricks he throws down in his closing section would be a lifetime achievement award for 99% of the other pros in the industry. At this point we have no idea what to expect from our 2006 Rider of the Year, and that is a good thing for us and the sport. As for Kilgus, we can only hope he continues to push the sport he’s helped portray to the masses in on the way he can for years to come. If you haven’t seen Defy you need to do some early X-Mas shopping and get back with the times.


One of the hundreds of double ups Danny Hit while filming for Defy. Photo: Garrett Cortese

Henshaw helping Harf rinse off after an Australian shred session while filming for Defy. Photo: Garrett Cortese