November 23rd, 2012 by garrettcortese

How can you not have a ton of fun wakeboarding when this is your backyard? Andrew Adams getting down while filming for Lipsmack in the Shredtown park. Photo: Bryan Soderlind

Lipsmack is one of those videos that brings you back to what wakeboarding is all about: having fun and not taking everything so seriously. The group of riders who have come to epitomize that sort of wakeboarding lifestyle the past few years are the Shredtown crew: Andrew Adams, Chris Abadie, and Davis Griffin. Just watch some of their web videos and you can instantly tell how much fun they’re having, whether it’s scouting and hitting new winching spots, building something totally creative in their backyard, or even riding behind the boat. Patrick Wieland was able to capture all their creativity and edit it into a whole section in a full length video… Not only is the closing section of Lipsmack, which features Andrew, Chris, Davis, and some of the other Slingshot riders in the Shredtown HQ, a ton of fun to watch, but the riding is unbelievably legit and progressive. Giant land gaps, creative rails, funky jibs, and huge kicker hits all go down, and by the time it’s over you’re left wanting more. If you love to wakeboard you will love Lipsmack and this section. Go get it.

Chris about to pop off a firecracker, Shredtown style. Photo: Bryan Soderlind

Davis Griffin has fun when he wakeboards, and it shows in the closing section of Lipsmack. Photo: Bryan Soderlind

4 Responses to “Video Performance of the Year Wakeboard – Alliance Superlative Awards”

  1. hmm Says:

    This is just a pitty award because Alliance was too weak to give Lipsmack video of the year like it deserved. I’m sorry but besides shooting helicopters shooting wakeboarding and driving “Luxury RV’s” through third world countries, Defy didn’t do much for wakeboarding’s progression within the sport.

  2. Nice Says:

    hmm makes a decent point. Pound for pound, I think Lipsmack was more enjoyable to watch. That said, I recently re-watched defy and aside from the goofy voice overs and overall ridiculously self-indulgent and serious tone, it really is an amazing video with far more “progression” than Lipsmack. Granted, the Shredtown section was sick; nevertheless, Defy had several insane sections. Fox section: where else can you see Parks ride (period), witness Murray do the most ridiculous raley to blind known to man, two 10s, and Danny doing what he does? No where, that’s where. Everything that involved Radar was ridiculous, period. Then there was Danny’s section: flawless 10, flawless wrapped and grabbed back 9, multiple mobe 5s, crow 7, toe back 9, 3 doubles…and that’s without even mentioning the absolutely unmatched production value of the video. I think if it weren’t so hyped and so long in the making, I think people would feel a little differently about Defy. It is awesome, and definitely worthy of the award. Likewise, the Shredtown section (and Lipsmack in general) is a breath of fresh air that I think we all needed. IMO, wakeboarding has never looked as good and legitimate as it does in these two videos.

  3. hmm Says:

    Nice. Point well made, you are a gentleman and have much wake knowledge. I’d like to discuss other wake topics with you here in the future.

  4. Chad Says:

    I say they got it switched around here. Lipsmack video of the year, and Harf with the video performance of the year…


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