He built it. He shredded it. He got video performance of the year. Photo: Chris Garrison

Would you expect anything less from Reed Hansen than the best video section of the year? At this point, we wouldn’t, but Reed hasn’t had the opportunity to have a section in a full length video in a long time. Obviously when this opportunity with Dieter Humpsch and Noisia Vision came around he grabbed hold of it as if he were wrestling a mama gator in the swamp with his bare hands and a roll of duct tape and didn’t let go. There isn’t much to say about his riding that hasn’t already been said (he was our 2011 ROTY for a reason, kids). You really just have to pick up this video and watch it for yourself, even if you’ve never wakeskated or have no interest in wakeskating. Actually, if you’ve never wakeskated you HAVE to watch Noisia Vision and Reed’s closing section, because there is no way you will not pay attention to the sport after watching it.