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There’s been a lot of buzz going around town as the release of DEFY comes nearer and nearer, but there is yet to be an official release date. We decided to hit up Sean of BFY Production to get the inside scoop on when we can get our hands on the first run of copies. Here is what Sean had to say about the release date, and also new details as to what we can look forward to seeing in the final product.


Trailer: DEFY, the Danny Harf Project


Rumor has it that defy is set to finally release at surf expo. Is this true or false?

We are planning on an expo premier but added another trip to radar, which proved to be completely worth it. The plan is to show a new relevant and legit new trailer at wake awards instead. The release and premier will move to some time in late October most likely. The movie comes out as a Bluray/ DVD combo pack. Pre-orders available at discounted rate at

We also hear that Danny has landed several different tricks for the first time and you have it all on film, including some new double flip variations. What can you tell us about this?

As far as Danny’s new tricks, you will just have to wait for the premier. Haha.

photo by Spencer Smith

Rumor has it Danny has put his body on the line and suffered several injuries in the process. What injuries has he endured and what is his current state of health?

Danny has pushed himself more than I have ever seen any one rider do for a video. Over the past several months Danny has hit over 300 double ups, so injuries are definitely part of it. Banged up shoulders and knees. Rehab plus some ice packs then back out for another set. Danny is the man.

How much $ have you guys spent on rail set-ups throughout the filming process? How about on Helicopter rentals? 

Well between C\chopper Dave at radar with Ronix and the Fox blue lake stunts. My guess is around $25k just on stunts. That doesn’t include the Ronix contribution at radar, which I’m sure is considerably more from them. Thanks Paul!

We know that several other riders have been involved in the filming process as well, and are also trying tricks that have never been landed. What is the coolest new move you have seen someone land other than Danny?

I would say that one of the coolest things about what Danny wanted to do with this film was to showcase the best guys in this sport. With that we have seen the most insane shredding ever. From double up tricks, system 2.0, radar insanity, tow-in surf, and more.
So many cool tricks. Just have to wait and see.

How much of Danny’s history in the sport will be told in Defy? Does it date back to his childhood or take a different/ more recent approach? 

We wanted Defy to be more based on the progression happening currently in Wakeboarding. We wanted to focus on what Danny and his crew were creating.  We also wanted to make sure to include with that all the things that Danny has accomplished over the years in the intro. Also included is his affiliation with the pointless crew and X-games experience. Sum it up: an action driven documentary.

We know you’ve been working with high speed camera’s quite a bit recently, what percentage of the film would you say has been shot with the red?

As of this past week, we could have between 40% or more, depending on what is usable or not. We shot a ton of red and red epic recently but obviously with the stuff we shot pre-red acquisition, there won’t be red. We also shot hi-speed 16mm film, phantom, and hd.

What is the closest call you’ve had with the riders while shooting from the helicopter?

Close calls are hard to define or maybe we just don’t want to define them. Haha. The boys get close to the chopper or I should say the chopper gets close to them. We push it but the shots are insane and we know when to get some distance.

photo by Sean Kilgus

Do you ever feel airsick up in the chopper looking through the lens?

When we spend an entire day in and out of the chopper I sometimes feel sick but most of the time it’s all good. How could I complain? I get to fly around with practically a stunt pilot. It’s cool.

Who would you say excelled the most on the rail set-up at radar just recently? Also, who built that setup? 

Jason Standley and Eric from Ronix were the chief engineers for the new build at radar. They had a team. It was huge and a “mega” build for sure. Stoked on the outcome. The setup was sick for sure. All the boys shredded. Highlights: Reed Hansen is Mega! Dean Smith Booted.


There’s been a lot of buzz going around town as the release of DEFY comes nearer and nearer, but there is yet to be an official release date. We decided to hit up Sean of BFY Production to get the inside scoop on when we can get our hands on the first run of copies. […]

12 Responses to “Video Update: Defy, The Danny Harf Movie”

  1. Craig Says:

    I am a huge fan of wakeboard video and glad to see a new one finally coming out but what’s the point of releasing a wakeboard in October? In most places that is the end of the season and isn’t the point of a video to get people pumped to go ride?
    Plus that’s when all the snowboard videos get released so now you are going to be competing sales with The Art of Flight (good luck with that)
    At this point we have been waiting so long whats a few more months. Might as well release it in May and get everyone pumped up for next summer.

  2. SkatedaWake247 Says:

    Half of 25 grand to film that set at blue lake? Seems like kind of a waste of money considering chopper footy isn’t anything new or progressive to wakeboarding videos. This trailer didn’t really do much for me.. hopefully the video is better.

  3. skinny Says:

    for get the haters… this video looks awesome and who cares when it comes out. it won’t matter if it has to compete with snowboarding videos, because if it comes out in October I’ll buy it, and then when May rolls around and you want to get pumped for wakeboarding then whoever hasn’t bought it can do so then. it doesn’t matter what they spent on making it. you can’t say it’s a waste of money until you’ve seen the video. the shots might be something (even though it is shot from a chopper) you’ve never seen or thought about. sorry to be so blunt, but we need to support new videos and progression in the sport no matter what. just my 2 cents.

  4. Jamie Daniel Segner Says:

    ^^ You know that trailer has been out for a while now, right?
    “Over 300 doubles up” while filming in itself is enough for me to wait for this video until October.

  5. Corey Says:

    Haters gonna hate! If you’re a real wakeboarder you have been waiting for this video for 3 years and are super excited to see it. Kilgus and crew went the extra mile to capture the footage they got and that should be respected, not bashed. Its a film not a video, so not only will the riding be good but the cinematography will be legittttt! If you don’t have anything but props for this video, dont share it here….

  6. not a hater Says:

    Having spoken with some of the riders that are in this vid they all seem super stoked on it; so I’m sure it’ll be dope.

    Rather see some sick locations and lifestyle footy than 10k in chopper footy tho..

  7. Craig Says:

    Sorry if my comment sounded a little harsh. I am not a hater; I have purchased almost every wakeboard video to come out in the last ten years and will buy Defy regardless of when it comes out. The general public on the other hand, I am not sure. I have worked retail at several different wakeboard / snowboard shop and from my experience videos sell better and the beginning of the season. I am stoked to see the return of wakeboard videos but would hate for it not to do well because of an ill-timed release, after all you need to sell a lot of copies to pay back the expenses of making such a kick ass movie.
    Regardless, can’t wait to see it. Keep up the good good Kilgus!

  8. Boobs Says:

    Craig has a valid point. Also, in regards to the trailer, no one wants to see lifestyle footy of the filmer getting in a chopper. Stay behind the camera; you aren’t the badass.

  10. Ben Wilcox Says:

    Im so pumped for every second of this video. Kilgus knows what he’s doing behind a camera, Danny knows what he’s doing behind a boat, so this has nothing but awesomeness written all over it.

  11. Chris Says:

    but Kilgus is badass…… hater. Cant wait to see the Preview Movie at the Wake Awards. Lots of sick footage . Tricks that you cant even believe …Defy is going to be the sickest wakeboard film so far. Good work Kilgus

  12. Mellissa Henningsen Says:

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