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Part 1 of Slingshot’s Summer Six-Pack series. After 16 years of Wakeboarding Jeff McKee is still finding ways to keep it fresh and fun.

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25 Responses to “Decade 1.6 – Jeff McKee”

  1. Johnny Says:

    Damnnnn! Those melon grabs and 3s are soooo outside the box! Never seen that before!

  2. Rob Holihan Says:

    Yeha Jeff! Sick riding and wise words!

  3. Dan f. Says:

    Hell yeah McKee. Killing it!!

  4. mjd Says:

    Johnny, if you possess the tenacity to talk sarcastically about a legend like McKee you must be really really good! You should drop an edit for sure! Can’t wait!

  5. What? Says:

    Johnny, He never said anything about outside the box… He said keep things fresh and have fun! You are just sad that he is having more fun than you. Your life sucks and Jeff kills it at life… and no one feels bad cause you did it to yourself.

    P.S. – I have a feeling your whole family is going down…

  6. AB Says:

    bottom line…he’s having fun at what he’s doing no matter if its wake to wake straight air…FUN its what its all about.

  7. Stoked! Says:

    big fan of Jeff’s, but grabbing on rails???? you know better than that! haha, sweet riding

  8. Rich Says:

    Awesome edit. Love that he does 1 double, just to prove he can, but would rather spend his time poking out style instead.

  9. Steve Says:

    mckee and wielend pres 2014

  10. Steve Says:

    only thing prettier then the g23 is patricks editing and jeffs riding. JEffs gonna be the best wake dad

  11. hmm Says:

    haha “wake dads”

  12. Rock Says:

    Cant wait to be a wake dad! McKee is so humble! The down to earth professionals are always the best at what they do. I’ll be watching McKee shred when he is 80, not because of his status, but because of his infectious energy! McKee is the type of guy that lives till 110 years old. Respect bro!

  13. Julian cohen Says:

    Good boat style, rail style and kicker style!!! So sweet to see an awesome double and such a sick Indy moby dick!!

  14. jon Says:

    Props where they are do. Well done.

  15. What?? Says:

    wasn’t the biggest fan of Jeff’s style but this is fresh!! how many people in the world can do indy moby dick??

  16. Todd Says:

    Edit was on point!

  17. YES! Says:

    Jeff is the Bob Burnquist of wakeboarding right now

  18. pat Says:


  19. pat Says:


  20. Jeff Says:

    It is so fun to watch this guy ride.

  21. Lknwake Says:

    What bike was that in the beginning?

  22. Charlton Says:

    grabbing it all

  23. slingfan Says:

    “bob burnquist of wakeboarding” <——– haha good one.

  24. Zep Says:

    It’s a triumph

  25. trustno1 Says:

    wait so ride a helmet at o dub but no helmet on a motorcycle? someone call the coppps!!??


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