July 3rd, 2013 by Submitted

In this episode of Viva La Texica members of the Slingshot team hit the ShredTown Park and Hydrous Wake Park for a little fun.

9 Responses to “Viva La Texica: Part 2”

  1. patrick Says:

    too trill, dawgs!
    song during hydrous was insane-ium in da cranium

  2. Taylor Says:

    Yeah ben killin it!

  3. Caseofwake Says:

    Sick riding Ben

  4. dan f Says:

    yea yea yea

  5. Spencer Thames Says:

    Damn Windsor getting it

  6. Gilder Hatchett Says:

    that’s one thick Englishman…

  7. keaton Says:

    yee ben gots some dope steez

  8. jonny Says:

    i think i got a contact high watching. windsor knock it off with the munchies.

  9. patrick Says:

    ^ellz yeah, sparkin’ mad beezy’s all up in my heezy. no breezy, deez neezy’s ride like wakeboarding suppeezy to look-uh-steezy


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