So you want to get to the lake fast, don’t’ want an SUV, but still need room?

With wakeboarding and wakeskating being a social sport, at least one person in the group is bound to have the SUV/full size truck tow vehicle which typically has lots of power for pulling boats and plenty of room for all the gear. But what about those of us who don’t want to roll on 29” wheels with 20” lift kits and billet flame paint. Your answer might be a station wagon. Station wagon??? WTF??? Don’t be afraid of the new offerings in wagons these days. Pro snowboarders for years have been ripping around in wagons for their speed, room and AWD systems which come in handy when maching up snow laden mountain roads. For us, they allow all the same room for wakeboards, wakeskates and gear. Sure, we like speed, safety and efficiency too and the sooner we can get to the lake the better.

This little gem of a ride is a Volvo V70R. Volvo wagons are know for their room, safety and lifespan. How many of you knew someone or know someone in high school who’s first ride was the family hand-me-down Volvo wagon? I knew plenty. We drove the crap out of them and they never missed a beat. One nicely kept little secrete about the Volvo wagons is their sturdy chassis meaning they handle real well. Some haul ass which is always a bonus because Volvo wagons are usually not on the speed radar. The V70R happens to have 300hp which is nice for long trips to the vacation lake.

If you do make a wagon decision someday, make sure to wave to the nice people in the group towing the boat. With all the extra room you have inside the wagon, be nice and offer to take some of their gear or passengers.