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Voyage is a documentary project that will capture a special journey down the river, beginning in East Tennessee and ending in the Gulf of Mexico. Voyage will encourage viewers to seek adventure and awaken passions that lie dormant after falling victim to routine. It will remind viewers that a simple shift in perspective can shake off the dust and revive even the most mundane situations.

Visit for more details and film updates!

10 Responses to “Voyage – Official Trailer”

  1. ricketts Says:

    THIS IS AWESOME!! I cant wait

  2. Bill Dance Says:

    I would pay money to do this. #yolo

  3. ummm Says:

    “…realize that we don’t need all the materialistic things…”

    Putting cell phones in a box doesn’t take away from the fact they are wakeboarding behind $80k boats.

    I love the idea, but that’s kinda funny

  4. ProsVsJoes Says:

    Those guys were instagraming the whole time on that trip.

  5. wakeboarder Says:

    looks entertaining

  6. nini Says:

    I don’t see anything challenging in this project? Except maybe to afford a trip with these boats.
    I probably missed the point :(

  7. nini's mother Says:

    Some real pretentious bullshit here in this trailer – stop trying to save the world rich kids

  8. nini's father Says:

    Bitch what da hell are you doing on the computer again? Get your fat ass back in da kitchen.

  9. JAOPRO Says:

    Thanks for the kind words everyone!

    @ummm We purchased a 30-foot pontoon boat to carry our crew and gear, ready to embark using the pontoon alone (originally at the cost of a smaller crew size altogether)…until Malibu and Axis graciously backed our project.

    @ProsVsJoes The main reason we chose to Instagram once a day was to inform our families and friends that we were alive and well, still afloat, and steadily approaching our destination.

    @nini Voyage isn’t a Robinson Crusoe adventure by any stretch of the imagination. We utilized the Tennessee River and Tenn-Tom waterway which serves as the shortest distance between the Gulf of Mexico and Mid-America. Although this route can be completed much quicker, we chose to stretch this journey over three weeks. This pace offered a chance not only to conserve fuel, but also gain perspective and more fully absorb our surroundings each day.

    @nini’s mother This was the story of our voyage, and we hope to encourage viewers to pursue their own dreams, regardless of the inevitable obstacles encountered along the way.

    More info in our FAQ on or at the link below…

  10. Wesjxxx Says:

    Yes I wished I had one of these boats:) if I could afford one I would have one believe me:) This is an awesome film idea and can’t wait to purchase!!!!
    I’ll keep rockin my 03′ mobius till it falls apart:)


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