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Zach Kent, Cody Karstedt and Chase Mobley are three shredders from Houston, TX. Check out these boys cruising their home cable park Wake Nation Houston.

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9 Responses to “Wake Nation Sets”

  1. bro Says:

    someone should hit that handrail going into the lake

  2. dan f Says:

    yeah sammy

  3. Pajohnny Says:


  4. Gator Says:

    way to go samuel…


  5. kyle Says:

    sick nasty!

  7. Justin H. Says:

    Nice! I’ve seen you guys out there working hard and I’m impressed with the product.

    That edit did make me kinda miss the old “Go-Pro”–RIP

  8. Andrew Says:


  9. Kyle C Says:

    Y’all Rock! Nice Edit Sam. Awesome to see yall SHRED!


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