Tampa, FL – Day 2 of the the Wake Park Triple Crown stop # 2 surpassed all expectations both in terms of weather AND in terms of rider performance. The sun was blazing all throughout the afternoon helping to keep the water flat and the girls half naked, creating the perfect environment for a cable park showdown. The obstacles only event was loaded with intense match-ups of some of the best rail riders in the world including Erik Ruck, Tom Fooshee, Brenton Priestley, Nate Perry, Shane Bonifay, Yan Tibo, and more. Brenton Priestley put himself on the map making it all the way to the final 4 round with moves like a massive indy tantrum to blind off the kicker and endless press combinations, scoring a 3rd place spot on the podium when all was said and done. We also learned something new this weekend thanks to Keith Lidberg who has recently been crowned with the nickname “teeth.” Think about it next time you see him out…Keith outsmarted the rest of the competitors when he brought a second board down to the dock for his heat, that way if he were to fall he can ditch his first board in the lake and get back to the dock faster to finish the heat on a new board before the clock runs out. In a 6 minute heat every second counts, especially if you fall at the far end of the lake.

Moving on to professional mens wakeskate, Obscura team rider Travis Doran made some waves throughout the weekend and eventually took top honors over newcomer Andrew Fortenberry, with George Daniels and Daniel Grant rounding out the top 4. The guys were all dancing their asses off on the table top “dance floor” box with shuv ons, body varials, shuv off and more.

As for the most anticipated results of the day, we’d like to ask you to first take a guess at the winner for pro men and pro men obstacle only? If you guessed Alliance’s 2010 Rider of the Year Mr. Tom Fooshee, then congratulations friends, you guessed right. Tom is an absolute machine when it comes to riding by wire, never coming off a rail early or fumbling the handle off a kicker. He lands on the flat water after boosting 15 feet on a heelside 9 as if he were landing in a bed of marshmallows and at one point was actually having a conversation with a photographer as he 270-d on, over the gap, and off of the new step up transfer rail. Congratulations to Tom and all the riders who competed in stop # 2 of the Wake Park Triple Crown. We hope to see everyone at stop #3 on September 16-18 at
Hydrous-Allen Wake Park in Allen, Texas.


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