ORLANDO, FLA  (January 8, 2006) —The Masters Steering Committee has released the wakeboarding invitations criteria and list of invitees for the 48th Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament® and the 15th Junior Masters event sponsored by Correct Craft, to be held at Callaway Gardens® , in Pine Mountain, Georgia, May 25-27, 2007.
The 48th Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament is the world’s oldest, most prestigious, water ski and wakeboard tournament. It is an invitation only event featuring the world’s most elite water sports athletes.
The Masters Steering Committee meets annually to review invitation criteria for the upcoming year’s event due to the dynamic environment of professional water sports. The committee has arrived at a comprehensive list of criteria and invitees to ensure that the world’s most talented riders are invited to compete.  
Invitation criteria for wakeboarding competition includes:
2006 Defending Masters Wakeboard Champion.
Top 8 finalists of the 2006 King of Wake Wakeboarding World Cup Series.
Top 8 finalists, 4 Women of the 2006 IWSF Wakeboard World Cup Series.
2006 WWA National Wakeboard Champion.
2006 WWA World Wakeboard Champion.
Top 8 Men, 4 Women on the Pro Tour Ranking Lists.
2006 USA Wakeboard National Champion.
Current IWSF Wakeboard World Champion.
2006 Gravity Games Champion.
Top 3 finalists of the 2007 Pan American Championships.
In accordance with the above criteria, the following riders are invited:
Pro/Open Men: Andrew Adkison, Brett Eisenhauer, Trevor Hansen, Danny Harf, Morgan Krause, Rusty Malinoski, Shaun Murray, Erik Ruck, Tino Santori, Chad Sharpe, Phillip Soven, Daniel Watkins, Jeff Weatherall, and J.D. Webb.
Pro/Open Women: Sunni Anne Ball, Emily Copeland-Durham, Denise DeHann, Andrea Fountain, Dallas Friday, Lauren Loe, Maeghan Major, Melissa Marquardt
The 15th Junior Masters Water Ski and Wakeboard Tournament featuring the world’s top youth in competition immediately precedes the 48th Masters event. Wakeboard athletes must also be 18 years of age or younger as of January 1, 2007, in order to compete in the 15th Junior Masters. A complete list of criteria and invitees for the 15th Junior Masters wakeboard competition includes:
2006 Defending Junior Masters Wakeboard Champion.
2006 WWA Wakeboard World Champion – Boys, Junior Men, Girls or Junior Women.
3.      2006 Winner of the Junior X-Series.
4.      2006 USA Wakeboard Nationals Champion – Boys & Jr. Men, Girls & Jr. Women.
5.      Current IWSF World Wakeboard Champion – Boys & Jr. Men, Girls & Jr. Women.
6.      2006 WWA Nationals Wakeboard Champion – Boys & Jr. Men, Girls & Jr. Women.
7.      2007 IWSF Region Pan American Champion – Boys & Jr. Men, Girls & Jr. Women.
Junior Men & Boys: Quentin Delefortrie, Raphael Derome, Adam Errington, Jimmy Lariche, Gunnar Shuler, Robert Soven and Jacob Valdez.
Junior Women & Girls: Shawna Hoffman, Victoria Ivy Kulp, Raimi Merritt and Estelle Tuaz.
For ticket information call 1-888-806-2783. More 48th Masters Water Ski and Wakeboard Tournament information will be available February 20 at www.masterswaterski.com <http://www.masterswaterski.com/> .