Since getting my Wii, I haven’t left the house.* You can literally do anything and everything fun with this little machine. Bowling, yoga and yes, even wakeboarding! Enter Wii Sports Resort and the wakeboarding game. I got the chance to play this game recently, and seeing as this is a wakeboard site, seems a review is in order.

Ease of play: I have to admit I didn’t play this game anywhere long enough to “master it” but I’m not sure exactly how much mastery there even is. Basically it works like this: You cut in, then as you are about to hit the wake, pull the controller up and the little dude spins and flips away. The more tricks you do in a row the better the tricks get, but beyond that, there was no obvious way to control what happens.

Graphics: The lagoon on which you’re riding looks beautiful. Except, of course, for the random rocks that you have to negotiate. Your Mii looks just like it does when bowling or participating in any other activity on the Wii, but if you were a real purist, you could probably build yourself into a pretty good Parks Bonifay likeness.

Reality factor: Wakeboarding on Wii Sports Resort is a lot like wakeboarding in real life for me. I can ride around ok, but when it comes to tricks, it’s pretty much a crap shoot as to what will happen when I hit the wake.

Overall review: Wakeboarding on Wii Resort is similar to most of the Wii games I’ve played. It has a hint of reality that makes you feel really cool because you aren’t really that bad at it. All the controller thrusting is a decent work out, and it’s pretty fun. However, if an authentic wakeboarding experience is what you’re after, you are more likely to find it behind your boat.

*this is a total lie. I was pretending I was going to use Wii Fit to get in shape and haven’t used it once.

Check out the official Wii Sports Resort page here.