SMOOTH TRACKING VIDEO ARRIVES! announces a breakthrough  in boat camera mount technology.  Until now, most people assumed that video from a tracking camera mount on a boat had to be shaky – because tow rope  vibrations would get passed on to the camera.  By incorporating a simple shock cord between the rope and the camera guide rod, WakeJak has dramatically changed the game in terms of how smooth camera tracking mount video can be.   If you have tried other camera mounts, or if you think camera mount video can’t be smooth, check out the introductory video WakeJak Shock Cord   ( or any of the wakeboarding, surf or other video compilations posted on the WakeJak Camera Mount page:  WakeJak Camera Mount (   WakeJak is sending free shock cord upgrades to all of its past customers, and including the new shock cord as part of the standard WakeJak Camera Mount package with all future product sales.  Questions concerning this upgrade can be directed to