I didn't get to go to Wakestock, but I am going to write about it anyway. I feel like I sort of got to live vicariously through Ben Horan for this event, since he was in Oregon when he was trying to decide if it was worth going and finally decided not to. Later that day he let me know that he was indeed going, since Oak bought him a ticket. Of course, he managed to miss his first flight, but I gather he made it eventually cause his name was mentioned as and "up-and-coming threat" in the press release I read. Sadly, Ben did not win. Brian Grubb did, obviously. But if you are getting sick of Grubb winning everything, there was something new for BG this weekend, the first toeside wake to wake frontside bigspin ever landed in competition. That sounds neat.

As for the strappers, Keith Lidberg won the rail jam, Phillip Soven won the boat comp and Shane Bonifay won best trick at the pool jam with a Switch Frontside Boardslide to Backside 180 Transfer to Boardslide to 90. Bitchin'.

 ps. I jut got off the phone with James Balzer. He yelled at me for not mentioning Stu Shinn's 3 shuv that won best trick for wakeskating. He sais the pool set up was awesome, and rumor is Doyle kickflipped it after the buzzer.

 Balzer is now at the Red Bull Winch Master's event and said that set up is ever crazier. He may have even admitted he was scared, but told me not to say that because "Balzer doesn't get scared."