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Wanted: Wakeboard Coach/Personal Assistant/Trainer.

I am over the club / party scene, and would prefer to do snow (winter) or water sports all day (summer), skip the drinking at the after party (as a hangover will kill my performance…. Not that my performance is any thing special, but what I got….I shouldn’t mess it up, ya know?!?!), and be the first one out the next day hitting it hard. I will not put up with hard drug use!! (if God didn’t make it, don’t mess with it!!!)  I prefer a non-smoker but not set in stone.  I do drink but rarely, and yes on occasion I may see three of you, but that is very rare. I prefer to eat healthy (the zone diet) and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Also would be cool for you to have advanced skills in water sports such as wakeboarding, skiing, tubing ((THIS WOULD BE A IDEAL POSITION FOR SOMEONE WANTING TO BECOME A PRO WAKEBOARDER)). Must be an experience boat driver (2ys+min) Other interest are rock climbing (walls), so you will have to know the ropes (pun intended) Other skills needed are for snow sports.  (If you’d like Job to be year round) I prefer my workouts in the great outdoors, A SENSE OF HUMOR IS A MUST!!!!!!!  (You will catch my attention if you can show it in your response). I am an adrenalin junkie, so be open to things like race car driving, sky diving, and other activities that pump up your soul and let you know you’re alive (cage diving with great whites is in there if I ever get the balls!!!)  A good base knowledge of first aid could some in useful, actually F it, first aid wont help a bad sky dive. Just get a snow shovel.

Other hobbies are yoga and palities. Must at least have a High school diploma, with a respectable G.P.A. (Ill understand if you flunked French, or Calculus and it killed your GPA) I just want to know that no one will giggle at you when you speak your mind, and have a general degree of responsibility and trust worthiness. Must be open minded and gay friendly.

Character, business references would impress me.

Benefits are Room and Board, and general expenses, and entertainment expenses and travel paid, open to other ideas. Events I usually attend are gay ski weeks and gay Disney, and an occasional resort, or cruise…maybe some yoga retreats.

Location: Lake Norman, NC

If interested please email a Resume to Frank at LAYDBCK@aol.com