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Rider: Shawn Watson

Having a boat sponsor is undoubtedly the # 1 perk of being a pro wakeboarder. The moment they tell you it’s time to order your new boat you really can’t help but laugh to yourself…It’s pretty much like getting Maserati to give you a free car, especially if your sponsor is Nautique. I don’t know how we pulled it off, but Correct Craft has stepped it up yet again offering all of their wake team riders brand new upgraded Super Air Nautiques! Last week we had the chance to walk through the quarter mile long assembly line at the Correct Craft plant in Orlando, FL and take a look at our boats as they moved closer and closer to the finish line. Jim Lariche and Shawn Watson’s boats were the first to make it out, so we all shared the excitement of tearing the plastic wrap off of Watson’s new Super Air 230. Yesterday Shawn was finally able to bring his boat home and take his first session behind it; Here’s what he had to say about his Brand new 2010 Nautique 230:

A: How Many free boats have you had from Nautique since you started riding for them?

SW: Ummmm…(long pause) I think I’m on my 10th boat now? Yeah I’ll say it’s the 10th

A: So how was your first ride behind it?

SW: It was sick! We weighted it up before dark yesterday and then Chad (Sharpe) and the “Hairdog” (formerly know as Watson’s neighbor “Dave”) came out for the first ride with me. The wake is INSANE! We think it’s even better than my last 230 (which all the pro riders can agree was one of the sickest wakes ever ridden). Even Chad was happy with it, and he’s never happy with wakes haha!

A: So why did you choose Black and Green?

SW: This year Nautique gave us the option to have colored towers and swim platforms, so I went with the green on those and black on the side to tie in with my Monster sponsorship. I thought it would be a cool way to show them some support as well.

A: What’s your favorite feature on the boat?

SW: The Wake for sure!

A: O.K. but besides the wake?

SW: It has a navigation screen with GPS that show’s you the exact path you drove on the lake, so we were trying to follow the same path over and over and even drive the EXACT same route on double up’s as the time before. It’s pretty mind-blowing for something that advanced to be right in the dash of the boat!

A: When are you going out of town next?

SW: This Friday.

A: What’s the code to start the boat?

SW: Haha! Nice try. You’ll just have to call me to get a ride behind it.