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A huge list of riders blast thru Phuket Wakepark. The list includes Nick Daives, Kim Yongil, Bae Ki Bong, Lee kwan min, Moon Byung Jin, Park Sung Ho, Chae Min Gun, Antoine Allaux, Roman Nikolaevich, Choi Inhyuk, Lee woosuk, Mattias Hoppe, Benjamin Hoppe, Dominik Fabian, Jung Insang, Yann Calvez, Lior Sofer , Roman Ovodov, Ollie Moore, and Jerome Elbrycht.
Filmed : Kim Yongil, Bae Kibong
Edited : Kim Yongil

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2 Responses to “We Love Wakeboarding”

  1. Justin Harrelson Says:

    Nice edit. Featured several guys I haven’t heard of, but obviously kill it.

    That Para-boarder was the first one I’ve seen with some steeze. I’ve been saying for a while that those guys need to step their game up (no I haven’t really). Thanks for doing it.

  2. Bigdaddy Says:

    Ya Antoine! Sick tricks


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