March 18th, 2014 by Submitted

Sophie Hogben recently signed with Liquid Force International and we thought we should show you why.
A: Radio Moscow
S: City Lights

***You can drown in your bathtub if you fall hard enough. Always wear a life jacket.***

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9 Responses to “Welcome to the Team – Sophie Hogben”

  1. askh Says:

    Shreds as hard or harder than most pro men on this site. Impressive.

  2. pickles Says:

    holy hell!! she fricken kills it

  3. Rob Corum Says:

    Bout time!…haha

  5. BAM Says:

    that was pretty good!

  7. William Klang Says:

    ILLEST in the world no doubt, about time ladies steppin it up! BIG UPPS!

  8. Melissa Marquardt Says:

    Welcome Soph! Contributing legitimacy to our sport.

  9. boomsmack Says:

    wow she is actuly really good


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