It’s obvious we’re hurtin’ for rails out here on the West Coast.  Ricky G got the inside scoop on a lake in Fresno with a couple rails so we went to peep it out.  Me, Slik Rick, T-Rex, True G, Camillo, Spencer, Bobby Starkey, and True’s cousin Brian.  It’s only an hour and a half north of WSR HQ but we still had to stop for food on the way.  This little pit stop gave us the perfect opportunity to shoot a few lifestyle photos of the crew Western Style.

IMTrue and the mob

Once we got to the spot we realized 2 things: Wolf Lakes has a lot of potential, and Fresno had to be renamed to the City of Freezno!  The windchill was straight icy.  Kyle was nice enough to let Ricky, Bobby, and I hit the flat bar and the A frame until our limbs were numb.  Thanks Kyle!  True G stayed busy shooting video and getting acquainted with the ginormous ram that roams the shoreline.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the West Side Riders are going to become quite familiar with Kyle and his Wolf Lakes.

Valla Con Dios


For more than 30 years Wolf Lakes in Sanger, CA has been the home to one of the Westside’s most beautiful yet least known about ski and wakeboard lakes.  It is the kind of place not even our neighbors know about due to it’s seclusion and invisibility from any road.  Well, times are changing and so is this previously hidden playground.  After their 3 years living in Central America the Seibert family (Kyle, Wendy, Triton, Kolston & Sailor) are back and have a newfound vision for the future of Wolf Watersports and wakeboarding for the West Coast of our island.  Wolf Watersports is now becoming the new hotspot for wakeboarders to eat some wake as well as some rails.  With two rails already in place, an A-Frame and 60′ flat bar, things are just getting crackin!  With the help of many seasoned pros and industry icons the 2010 season will be more innovative and proactive  than the 30 previous.   We are currently accepting new members for the upcoming 2010 season so hit us up.  Also, make sure you get signed up for all 3 of the Flavor Games planned for 2010 for a life changing experience where the contests are put on by riders for riders!!  Check us out at for more info or call Kyle @ 559-288-6675