Did you hear about that new wake park up in Muskoka?

What Wake Park?

Oh good you did hear about it!

A wakeboarding park is open in Muskoka, Ontario.  Have you heard about WHAT WAKE PARK? What? Yep, WHAT is the name of this System 2.0 park.

“WHAT are we going to do with all these lakes we play hockey on in the winter time when the ice melts?” is a question owner/founder Mickey Henry has been asking himself for years.  Since he is also an avid wakeboarder it made sense to install a System 2.0 on a hockey hotspot and trade the hockey stick for a wake stick and wakeboard instead of just drinking maple syrup while waiting for the ice to form again in the winter time.

WHAT aims for great coaching and provides an atmosphere of relaxation, progress, and learning. With three different features to test your skills on, WHAT has already landed the upcoming Features Only Contest for the Canadian Wake Championships. “WHAT?” That’s right, WHAT wake park is already that big in the business. Check out the contest during August 23-25th.

With a boat and cable lake, WHAT wake park has what it takes to be great. Understanding this greatness, they have decided to help a good cause. Ladies night’s are used to not only introduce ladies to wakeboarding, but donations are collected and donated to Boarding for Breast Cancer.

Come ride with NCCP certified coaches who have years of experience in coaching and competitive riding. Wait, WHAT? Remember these things: Muskoka, WHAT, Cablepark, fun, shred, awesomeness. “No shirt, no shoes, no boat.”

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