Next Vacation: Costa Rica or Pasquales, Mex…hopefully this spring.

Next trick you’ll learn: Tom Fooshee thinks I can do a double flip this year.  He wants both of us to learn them…I don’t know.

Next flight you’ll take: Maybe with my friend Sean in his plane.  We just flew to New Mexico to snowboard couple weeks ago.

Next concert you’ll see: Maybe tonight.  Rebelution.  Pretty good reggae band tonight in Austin.  I just missed Bun-B in Corpus this week.  He played a free show.

Next rail you’ll build: On a secret island right on the side of the Guadalupe river TX.

Next date you’ll go on: Might hang out with a girl tonight actually, and unfortunately I got a date with the dr. next week to look at my shoulder.  Really hope that one goes well. The snow is not as soft as the water that’s for sure.

Next video part: TAR3.


photo by BOK Jacob

Next Meal:  Fresh fruit smoothie, and a home made chicken taco.

Next car: Just bought a 4runner, So probably not anytime soon.

Next big purchase: A new camera.

Next movie you’ll see: Not pumped on anything out right now…

Next time you’ll go snowboarding: Probably not til next year.  I got enough in this year.

Next contest you’ll ride in: I dont know.  I dont really plan for those.  if a cool one comes along then I might jump on it.

Next overseas trip you plan to take for wakeboarding: Moscow, Russia in July for CWB.

Next photo-shoot: It was supposed to be this weekend but postponing due to my current shoulder situation.


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