pic: Cortese 

Next build: Sunday Sunday Sunday. I would tell you more but you kooks will poach my shit (sarcastically).


Next contest: Fise. It’s coming up In may out in France.


Next movie you’ll see: Hmmm. That one with the navy seal dudes in it. I wanna see them f@#k some shit up. Act of Valor.


Next flight: Ooh that’s a good one. I think to Mexico for Ry guy’s stag party. He’s a Canadian bru. There’s 30 of us at an all inclusive resort. Do you think that will include cock fights and donkey shows ?


Next trick you’ll learn: Something switch.  I don’t know we’ll see what happens today at the cable. I’ve been trying to learn everything switch on my rail at OWC lately, and hugging the rail from time to time along the way.


Next haircut: Already happened. Mike Ennen is in town and raped my skull with the clippers. He butchered it, so I’ll probably cut it again tonight.



Next big purchase: It’s going to be big and your going to want to be there, but you’re not invited. Haha! Kidding.


Next date:  Probably after midnight after a great night in downtown Orlando. Sounds romantic doesn’t it?


Next Roomate: Are you referring to upstairs or the hostel below, because I’ve pretty much got all of Germany and France underneath me…except Andy Kolb, he’s not allowed back.


Next wakeboarding fad: Well Reed Hansen is coming over with his bobcat to flatten out my backyard so we can put in a basketball court, so I’m gonna go with basketball. Spencer Williams is pouring the concrete and Steel is buying the hoop, then I’m gonna kick his ass on the court.


Check out Kevin Shredding his signature Unit Rail at OWC in this throwback video from a few months back…