Melissa pondering her next big move…


Next vacation:

Mexico ay yi yi yi yi yii!


Next big trick:  

Some sort of flippy spinny. I was never a gymnast so I have difficulty learning them but I just got a trampoline so I’m ready to twirl.


Next concert:

Warped Tour.


Next date:  

Knott’s Scary Farm.


Next big purchase:    

A Jon boat and eventually a sea worthy boat.


Next movie you’ll see in theaters:      

I usually wait for movies to come out on DVD cause I like lounging while watching em, plus they won’t let me bring clifford.


Next rail you plan on building.  

There are many rails we would love to build but it is very difficult to build anything in Southern California with all the rules, restrictions and not too mention the ground is mostly rock. If we build a rail it usually gets taken down within a few days so we’ll probably build something in the winter, find natural winch spots to hit, and mostly just snowboard instead.


Next flight you’ll take:  

Cancun, Mexico with the crew.


 “After this I want a cookie with rainbow sprinkles on it…”


Next photoshoot you have scheduled:

Tomorrow with Chad and Nick from Freestyle/Shark Brand watches. It’s always a fun times when they come out.


Next meal:

Tonight I will be serving baked parmesan chicken with mushroom gravy, mushroom and asparagus risotto, and on the side broccoli topped with cheese. Desert will be strawberry shortcake.



Next product order you’ll make:  

Probably a couple hunnid Monsters for our WSR halloween party. An assortment would be fabulous, thank you Aaron Grace!