Photo by Ronn Seidenglanz / sidewayz


Next trick you’ll learn:

The next trick I’ll learn is a Jedi Mind Trick.


Next album you’ll buy:

The West Side Riders debut album.


Next Movie you’ll see:

The Dark Knight Rises, I Am Bruce Lee, and Friday IV.


Next project that will require power tools:

Getting a new tattoo.


Next big purchase:

Does a pooper scooper for Saint count?


“Make sure you get the big one pops!” – Saint


Next sponsor:

Top Ramen and Beats by Dre holla at ya boy.


Next Vacation:

Vacation?  I don’t know what that means. 25/8 no days off.  Shout to Nipsey Hussle. TMC.


Next work related trip:

Orlando for Alliance’s Less than 5 contest.  Might hit Paris this year.


Next video part:

West Side Rider’s web vids comin at ya soon!


Next contest you’ll enter:

Alliance Less than 540 contest.


Next meal you’ll eat:

Bologna sammich.


Next car you’ll drive:



Next time you’ll go fishing:

On the 12th…….of never.


Next concert you’ll attend:

Nipsey Hussle.


Next Tattoo:

I never speak of such things, too many biters.


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