February 10th, 2012 by jeffmckee

Photo by Ronn Seidenglanz / sidewayz


Next trick you’ll learn:

The next trick I’ll learn is a Jedi Mind Trick.


Next album you’ll buy:

The West Side Riders debut album.


Next Movie you’ll see:

The Dark Knight Rises, I Am Bruce Lee, and Friday IV.


Next project that will require power tools:

Getting a new tattoo.


Next big purchase:

Does a pooper scooper for Saint count?


“Make sure you get the big one pops!” – Saint


Next sponsor:

Top Ramen and Beats by Dre holla at ya boy.


Next Vacation:

Vacation?  I don’t know what that means. 25/8 no days off.  Shout to Nipsey Hussle. TMC.


Next work related trip:

Orlando for Alliance’s Less than 5 contest.  Might hit Paris this year.


Next video part:

West Side Rider’s web vids comin at ya soon!


Next contest you’ll enter:

Alliance Less than 540 contest.


Next meal you’ll eat:

Bologna sammich.


Next car you’ll drive:



Next time you’ll go fishing:

On the 12th…….of never.


Next concert you’ll attend:

Nipsey Hussle.


Next Tattoo:

I never speak of such things, too many biters.


 To see more of Randall check out this video edit by Trevor Maur and Axis Wake…

16 Responses to “What’s Next: Randall Harris”

  1. rightsaidfred Says:

    biggest douch ever!

  2. rightsaidfred Says:


  3. Al G's Says:

    To all wake boarders, take notes on the best rider in the world! Rightsaidfred, drink some more Hateraid so you can kick it with the rest of the haters!

  4. rightsaidfred Says:

    oh, and god bless!

  5. Real deal Says:

    Randall the Vandall goes bigger than anyone and he doesn’t give a sh@t what people think, he is an original OG! Haters gonna hate!

  6. Darin Shapiro Says:

    Can anyone loan me $75,000???

  8. mrjackedfla Says:

    Vandall is King !!

  9. Fisher Says:

    Ill give rightsaidfred 75k to say that to Vandalls face.

  10. hmmm. Says:

    yeah vandall

  12. Canuck Says:

    That is possibly the dumbest link, I’ve seen in the history of the universe. Who are these “millions of wakeboarding fans, to whom Darin Shapiro is still The Champion, great sports innovator and a true wakeboarding idol?” Does this make him above the law?
    Seriously, please shut up.

  13. shane Says:

    would love a serious answer to next trick you will learn.


  14. NBninja Says:

    what trick he’ll learn next? really? randall harris can already do most if not all the tricks in the book bigger and better, and then wrote a whole new book with style as the main topic. ask him if he’s gunna go try something new like become a race car driver for his side hobby or something dude?

  15. shane Says:

    randall harris, can you do a 1080? NBninja says you can do every trick in the book?

  16. Hunter Musgrove Says:

    this guy isnt a douche at all i meet him at brostock, chillest guy ever next to ricky g


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