Photo’s by Garrett Cortese


Rusty, tell us about your next:


Flight: To the Hyperlite photoshoot in Texas for our 2013 product shoot.


Home renovation project: Oh I’m actually in the middle of re-doing the guest bathroom. New tub, vanity, new everything. I did the demo and I got a guy helping me get it back in shape.


Event you have tickets to: I’m going to see Gray Maynard fight in Atlantic City this summer. No concert tickets, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a concert.


Big purchase: April 18th is my wife Lindsy’s birthday so I’ll be picking up something nice.


Board graphic: Already done. I’ll have it in early May for the Hyperlite shoot. I don’t want to leak too much, but one of the colors is pastel.


Family outing: Easter egg hunt in the yard with Marek and Grandma. There will be lots of eggs hiding where there used to be a lake thanks to this awesome drought.


Box of gear heading your way: I got a 3 box shipment from Fox on the way. One filled with shoes and the rest full of clothes.



Tattoo: I’m gonna keep working on my leg. Maybe one of these centuries I’ll finish it. I started it the last year wakeboarding was in the x games.


Tool you’ll buy: I’m gonna pick up a generator here soon. I always think I need one and don’t have one. It’s just a good tool to own.


Boat: The new X-Star.


Truck Mod: I just got brand new 37″ tires yesterday. They fill the wells just right.


Trip to the gym: Later this afternoon. Performance 360 in Clermont.


Meal: Probably a bagel sandwich back at the house. Lindsy makes the best toasted sandwiches.


Television series you’ll take on: I’m waiting for Eastbound and Down to be done then buying them all to watch on my flight to Japan for Hyperlite demo’s. Don’t tell me what happens.


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