Bob Soven has been “doing it for the fans” since day one, but now it’s officially gone to the next level…


Bob, what’s up with the hood life?

“The hood is good’ as Shane would say. Adam (Errington) is a great landlord, but crazy Jim next door has been stealing our milk. As soon as that issue gets resolved things will be perfect.


What’s up with your new Nautique boat?

I ordered a red, white, and blue G23 to honor this great country. They second guessed my color choices (it looks a bit wild), but I assured them that a Captain America boat is great for the brands image.


What’s up with the fans?

There has been a lot of crazy twitter stuff but my recent experience at Burger King tops it all. I went to a random BK the other day to get a sundae. I drive up to the window to pay and get greeted with, “Hey Bob”  by a 50 year old female employee, I answer back with “Hey!” She then tells me, “I knew you were coming today, I tell my husband everyday ‘today Bob is gonna come, I just know it!'” I took a picture with the nice sundae making lady and hopefully her husband believes it was me.


What’s up with having a girlfriend?

I know, I hear it all the time…”What is this kid doing with a GF!!? He’s on MF’in MTV, he could be pulling 50 year old woman from BK like its going out of style.”   I chose to go the girlfriend route, and besides the occasional argument at the tennis court about whether the ball hit line or not, everything is smooth.


What’s up with Phil’s attitude?

On the surface he’s a mean, indoor sunglass wearing machine, but deep down beneath the 29% layer of body fat he really does have a heart.


What’s up with Jason Soven?

I love that kid, he’s doing great. Taking girls out on my boat, doing 9’s off any kicker he hits and we’re pretty sure he is going to be a doctor. Hopefully, I can work for him one day.


What’s up with season 2 of Wake Brothers?

I haven’t heard a thing, but I know if it happens Jason and I are going to make a great second season. Just kidding Phil, we know your trying to reach Sheckler status, wouldn’t want to take that away from you.

When the fame becomes too much to handle, celebrities often turn to things like cross-dressing and scientology


What’s up with dressing like a chick?

Yea……I got mixed reviews about that one haha.


What up wit dem jamz?

Well, to be quite frank, ‘Dem jamz’ is not in my vocabulary. I prefer some good ole classic rock and roll and I’m so sick of Watson playing passion pit.


What’s up with this trip to Germany?

To be honest, I don’t know too many details. All I was told is that we are going to Nico’s tricks for cash contest, stopping at a bunch of cables and ending at Octoberfest. That’s all I needed to know. Monster is sponsoring the trip and Alliance is covering it. I will be your narrator, so be ready!


What’s up with the cut-offs?

When you commit to using only one pair of shorts, life gets easier. Packing for trips, outfit decision making, and you don’t have to do laundry. You should, but you don’t have too.


 A salute to Bob’s greatest creation of all…#riskydancing


What’s up with risky dancing?

Take the two best things in life, getting risky and dancing, and you get #riskydancing. If risky dancing is the legacy I leave behind, my job on this earth was well served.


What’s up with college?

2 years left! Who needs an accountant? I’m on Linkedin if your interested. Haha just kidding, but really kids stay in school. That’s right Im talking to you: Daniel G, Harley, and Windsor.