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 All pics by Bryan Soderlind.


What’s up with Athens, TX right now?

Might as well be on a mountain with snow, the cold windy days are

coming in on the regular. I’ve really gotten intact with my carpentry

skills lately though.



What’s up with your next video edit?

Think we might be kite boarding with all this damn wind.

Dillion Miller, a fellow slingshot team rider, came down for a week

and we kicked off a new project recently. It’s kind of the same idea

as the pallet edit but with different materials. It’s already taken

Andrew and I out on the injury list for a short time so it should be a

good one.


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What’s up with Shredtown? Are you guys taken or single?

I am taken, Andrew’s single, and Davis is in the midst of something. I

think he’s just in love with his phone though.



What’s up with the wildlife at the ranch?

There was a lot of it at one time. Then I brought out the 12 gauge and

my 30-06 and everything disappeared for some reason. We do get a lot

of animal traffic though; lots of hogs, deer, alligators, beavers, and

ducks. I find myself out there at 6 in the morning a couple times a

week this time of year.



What’s up with that trip to the Philippines?

Philippines was a sweet new adventure. We had a sick group of riders

with some common ideas and the flexibility to add some unique features

to the setups in the parks. Be watching for “this time around”!



What’s up with the holidays?

I’m heading south to be with my extended family in Houston. I didn’t

understand why it was such a big deal for everyone to gather for the

holiday until I became a little older and found out the top shelf

liquor supply is unlimited.


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What’s up with you being the guinea pig on all the Shredtown setups?

Screw that. Hah. It’s really rewarding to me to step up and hit a spot

first. Usually it’s who ever finds the spot, draws the short stick, or

is feeling it that gets the first go. Guess thats just me a lot of the

time. The feeling right before the winch cranks up, the fear, and

stoke of everyone watching really gets me amped.



What’s up with Davis’ new vibe?

I think he’s trying to take hesh to a level of his own. Some days are

worse than others, but for the most part he’s all there. Haha. Davis

has really created a style of his own on his board. For the most part,

you know what tricks to expect out of riders you watch all the time,

but when Davis straps in, you have no idea what line or trick he’s

about to try. I don’t think he knows either.



What’s up with the next winching adventure?

Hopefully we will have an all new electric winch created by New Trick

Sports.  They’re going to make for some new possibilities. I have some

good spots here in Texas lined up that we are just waiting for a nice

day to log some good urban footage.



What’s up with the paparazzi? Have they been hounding you since your cover?

Well, good thing they didn’t publish it in our local Athens daily

review or I don’t think I’d make it in and out of our wal mart without

bein popped with a flash. But no, no red carpet invites yet.