Jeff Langley has spent what seems like the last half of a year chilling down in Bali and other cool places,  posting instagram pics of endless swimming pools and glassed out peelers. We decided to ask him “What’s up” and hopefully uncover his secret to taking the ultimate “work trip.” 


What’s up with you and this world tour lately?

Well just been over in Southeast Asia doing a few demos, clinics and contest and helping out with Epic Cable Park in Jakarta, Indonesia. 2 months, long time fry rice.


What’s up with Thanksgiving?

I landed back in the states on the 20th and left straight for my home town, Rome, GA, to visit the fam for thanksgiving. I have been on the go for 32 hours straight. Glad that’s over.


What’s up with the Bruce board from O’Brien? 

The Bruce Board! You can pick one up from performance and give it a whirl. Careful, he’s fast. 😉


What’s up with the hood in the off season?

Well I haven’t been there for the off season but Jim says he has been playing a lot of golf with Shane and Rossiter so I can’t wait to get in on that. My favorite time of year… coffee in the boat, full suits, and chilly fresh air.


What’s up with riding cable?

I love it!…became a cable rat in Asia. I want one.


What’s up with your DVR?

Have you heard of the reality show “wake brothers”? It’s hands down the best…Haha yeah I don’t watch much TV but it will be good to check out some good ol American football and some magic games now that I’m back in town.


When he goes he goes hard, in the paint. Jeff Langley getting in the off season spirit. 


What’s up with Asian food? 

It’s not that much different, just lots of rice (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). They do tend to leave the heads on their cooked meats. I’m not crazy about that. Chick fil a missed me.


What’s up with the ladies? 

She’s blonde, lives in Texas, wears cowboy boots to fit in but is a Florida girl at heart, loves the water.


What’s up with riding boat?

Dropping the boat in as soon as I get back from Thanksgiving. Can’t wait to get that rolling again. Gonna be Bruce’n a lot of new tricks this year.


What’s up with the new neighbors? 

Ahhhh yeah, Adam and the Bobs (Bob Soven and Adam Errington’s long time friend Bobby Schuller). That’s a great trio. They have a nice pool and a big grill, as soon as they get a hot tub they will be my favorite neighbors.


In case you forgot that Jeff Langley actually wakeboards in-between his world travels, here’s a little reminder. Remember this one? It never gets old…