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What’s up with twins? Go big or go home. I don’t know why all these other pro’s are dragging their feet having one kid at a time, it’s just doesn’t seem economical. Haha! Yeah we were definitely shocked to hear that news, but ready for twice as much fun now. They arrive in June.



What’s up with riding in Orlando right now? It’s been epic. Buttery with insane sunsets every day. I’ve been riding mostly cable recently, but picking up my new G23 tomorrow so my stokemeter is currently pinned. You can bet it will be all over the gram so be prepared to double tap that pic.



What’s up with managing team Slingshot? I’ve stepped up big time with Slingshot. They’ve been such an awesome company to work with over the years and I’m stoked to be helping shape the future of the brand. We just picked up James Windsor which I feel will be a great addition to the squad. We’re like a family. We go everywhere and do everything together, and they all call me when I’m trying to finally relax with my babe at 11 PM.


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For a fee Jeff can even manage your back hair problems. Dylan Miller “ballin'” out.


What’s up with wakesurfing? Man wake surfing is hot right now. The Nautique Surf System release kicked it off for me this off season, and then we followed that up with shooting the wake surf product video’s for slingshot, so I’ve got the transfer dialed at this point. I’m thinking of hitting up their tour as a side gig, I heard the money is great. I’ve got work to do, but I’m sure with the new boat there will be plenty of opportunity to take the skills to the next level. Haha.



What’s up wit dem Jamz? I just joined spotify so that I could have unlimited access to every bit of recorded music known to mankind, but now that I have it I have no idea what to type in the search bar. I’m listening to the same playlist that my friend Josh sent me the first day I joined. Well, that and Bruno Mars because I think that Bruno is putting pop music back on the map.



Melan frontside 3 by Garrett Cortese 


What’s up with Moving? We just sold our house and are moving closer to the lake to a bigger house. This way I can ride more and have enough space for the two of everything we’re about to need for these babies. I’m stoked to be within walking distance of two sick lakes and have some perfectly paved streets for all the razor scootering I’ll be doing over the next decade.



What’s up with 2013 plans? There have been a million and one big ideas tossed around thus far regarding international trips, demo’s, events and more, but above all that, I’m ready to take my riding to the next level. I’ve been stoked learning a few new things at the cable lately and with the monster wake on my new G23, there are all sorts of tricks on my mind. I’ll be shooting with Patrick Wieland a bunch and releasing something soon.