November 29th, 2010 by alliance

Collin Harrington ask whats your favorite trick?

Collin Harrington ask whats your favorite trick?

8 Responses to “What’s Your Favorite Trick?”

  1. Tex Says:

    “When you’re pokin it, who cares about grabbin it.” Words to live by.

  2. 3rdCoast Says:

    Blind 1’s are the best.

  3. Boarder12 Says:

    Pretty much anything grabbed and poked for a long time and anything landed blind looks sick to me!

  4. Micsh Says:

    I think its funny that Chris O contradicted himself from his interview about grabs…Right? silly ozzy. He thinks he knows, but he has no idea. Fins are for Fags. Learn to use your edges.

  5. Micsh Says:

    Good to see Andy Laz. His part was ill.

  6. Micsh Says:

    By the way the correct nomenclature is Shifty Backside 180. idiot.

  7. Dood Says:

    Can that first guy hook his arm for any longer after he lands?

  8. Dylan Says:

    yea! chris o’s was so sick! massive as well!


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