Most people assume that summertime in Orlando is a flurry of wakeboarding and wakeskating progression. But summer is actually kind of a double-edged sword here. Even though it’s a perfect time to ride, most pros are long gone, deep into their tournament and demo schedules, which often denies them the chance to really hunker down and practice new moves or come up with new ideas. This summer, with it’s relentless schedule of parking lot jams and contests has been one of the slowest ever on the progression scale (but one of the best for public consumption.) Take Brandon Thomas, he’s been on the road for so long we had to bump a scheduled interview with him back an entire issue because we couldn’t get any photos of him. BT is finally back in town, and Garrett and I went to get some of those photos today over at his house, where he lives with roommate/landlord Brian Grubb. When I asked him about being back, he said, “I’m just so pumped to be home for a while and be able to try something new, and ride behind a boat.” Grubb had a great session afterwards, too, coming really close to landing a huge wake-to-wake frontside big spin, after pretty much stomping every other big wake move in his bag. We’ve got another shoot with them tomorrow morning, BT’s interview will be on the shelves in the next issue, and we’re starting to feel good about having the good times back. Go out tonight.