February 4th, 2013 by alliance

We spent the other day at OWC with Phil Soven and noticed this local kid taking some unique lines and just ripping. We managed to capture some of clips of the kid and asked him his name. Austin Pratt is a local at OWC and it looks like he is taking full advantage of the water time.

18 Responses to “Who is Austin Pratt?”

  2. That dude Says:

    Yeah Pratt!!!

  3. jon Says:

    Nice riding.

    (Jeff McKee would submit that entire video to TOTY)

  4. jeffmckee Says:

    flips off rails are lame… ; )

  5. Sam Baker Says:

    Yeah Prattstar! I just burnt my breakfast watching this

  6. Bobby Says:

    but nolly fronts are good in my book.. sick lines

    what was this shot on?

  7. Tyler Guest Says:

    yeah dude mad skills. killlin it

  8. Craig Buss Says:

    sick riding dude!!

  9. Guenther Oka Says:

    Killin it my friend!!! come back to wakenation this summer!!

  10. Mac Says:

    Yeah Austin! Killin it

  11. Dyllon Hubscher Says:

    Chyeah Dude!!!!! Keep up the good work

  12. Cole Robinson Says:

    Sick! Austin has a ton more tricks than that on lock too!! Keep it up dude!!!!

  14. Empty Promises Says:

    better than phil

  15. jacob valdez Says:

    yea prattttt!!!!! one of the most under rated rail rider. This kid has so much talent dancing on the rails. Cant wait to come back and ride with PrattStar

  16. Clayton Underwood Says:

    Ya Austin! Looking good man keep it up!

  17. ClampCHamp Says:

    i wish Washington had a cable park :(

  18. Wesley Mark Jacobsen Says:

    So sick Austin! Love that tame dog snowboard swagg! #innovation


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