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Dylan Miller is more than just a boy with a skinny stance and a Canadian accent. Join us as we ask the question everyone is dying to know: “Who is Dylan Miller?”


22 Responses to “Who is Dylan Miller?”

  1. Steve Says:

    Sick but… Man that stance

  2. Yo Says:

    Not sure if he got more stylish, more innovative, or I was just an idiot before–but this video is awesome.

  3. gamechanger Says:

    Love this guy. I met him up in BC a couple summers ago he shreds. super funny too. I bet the narrow stance catches on.

  4. yo Says:

    So squared up. Favorite rail rider.

  5. yo guy Says:

    Man i gotta say all those quotes are what i live by!

  6. 420blazesquad Says:

    this is the dope

  7. young blood Says:

    I bet no one realizes he is joking at .49

  8. yougotanybcbud? Says:

    yea 420blazesquad this IS the dope, sick shit mr. miller, but where to you get your protein?

  9. arnie Says:

    where/how do you get the light effects used in the beginning and end of the vid

  10. narrow..no Says:

    looks fine off the wake, but the narrow stance really makes him look like, um….a…nerd on rails.

  11. Robbie McMillin Says:

    Pretty cool style but not doing the same technicality as Dowdy or Harley

  12. Ryan Says:

    Say what you want about a narrow stance but it will give you more balance than wide. Jump in the air and land naturally, your feet will be almost directly under you. You could probably find a link between a wide stance and so many knee injury’s in wakeboarding.

  13. Dude Says:

    @Ryan oooooorrr your just a faggot.

  14. Rich Says:

    I love how this is considered a “narrow” stance. This has nothing on the widths people used to ride in the mid 90s. Plus, coming from snowboarding, this would still be considered wide. I think it looks natural. To his.. his own.

  15. Kyle Says:

    toe back 9, I’d say he can ride whatever stance he wants


    Nice work sir
    Proud of you ol friend

  17. BAM Says:

    cool vid, really enjoyed it!

  18. Robbie Mcmillian Says:

    Dylan idn if you know but im kind of a big deal. I started from the bottom not you. And i have a small weiner, but a real big cone shaped head.

  19. patrick Says:

    2:53 dopest kicker hit ive ever witnessed

  20. connor Says:

    knees are meant to be bent, use them. i used to kind of over look that, but holy shit this guy is a boner on water. also, narrow stance = gay.

  21. Chris Trabbold Says:

    Started from the bottom now we’re here! good stuff, street cred for days

  22. johnny Says:

    cool slides but could he look anymore like a huge boner


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