The 2008 photo annual has arrived! It’s bigger brighter, bolder, and shinier than anything you’ve seen to date….Yellow and blue always we’re my favorite colors and what do you know? They just happen to be on the cover of this 132 page gold mine…What’s inside you ask? How about 30 of the most mind blowing one-of a kind photo’s that are so good they’ve been waiting for months and months just to be printed within.


“Jeff I am so excited t get this issue because every year I cut all of the photo’s out of the alliance photo annual and paste them onto my ceiling! Besides the incredible photo’s, what else can we look forward to in this new issue?”


Well thanks so much for asking endearing fans of Alliance…I’ll tell you what else you can find; how does 10 annual superlative awards sound to you? In this issue we announce The 2008 Rider of the Year along with several other prestigious awards including Rookie of the Year, Most Improved, and Video Part of the Year.


While I can’t tell you the winners of these respected categories, I can say that choosing them was easy. All we did was make a jeapordy wheel with the names of the wakeboarders who hooked us up with the most free shit this last year and gave it a super spin…NOT.