MARYVILLE, TN (February 12, 2009) ~ When you are making a decision to buy a boat, you ask yourself, “Am I making the right choice?” Well, if that choice is a Moomba, we emphatically respond, “Yes you are!”  But joking aside, this can be a big decision for you and your family. You are not only buying a boat, but you are also buying a partnership with a company and its dealer. And although we are biased, we hope after reading this that you will understand our philosophy of value and our passion for delivering lasting satisfaction to our customers. Hopefully, you will understand why Moomba is a great choice and why now is a great time to buy.
Moomba has always had the philosophy of value built into its DNA. We define value in terms of great “bang for the buck” but we derive value from what the consumer considers important. We know that ultimately it is the buyer of the boat that pays our wages. It is the customer’s satisfaction and judgment of value that determines our success. Therefore, our core principle is to understand the customer and all elements that add value to their experience. We have spent considerable time and effort instilling and nurturing this principle within our company, because it is one thing to say it, but it is another thing to have people, processes and a system that deliver it. We never, ever take for granted our customers and their position in our value stream.
Another important principle of Moomba is our constant striving for improvement of products and services. We are never satisfied with what we do. We know that we can always do better. We constantly reinforce, throughout our company, that change is good. We invest heavily in developing our people. We take advantage of every opportunity to learn, and we know those opportunities are endless. The people at Moomba have a depth of talent, skills and experience; but beyond that we have people who care about what they do, who share ideas, listen to one another and work as teams to make improvements. We have standards and are disciplined in following them, yet to us, a standard does not represent a ceiling to maintain, but a floor from which to constantly launch new improvements.
So what does this mean to you, the person looking at buying one of our boats?
It means quality, reliability and performance far beyond what you might think. Many potential buyers underestimate Moomba and miss a wonderful experience. Current Moomba owners realize these benefits and turn them into season after season of ownership satisfaction and peace of mind. We often get asked how we can offer such an incredible boat at $10,000 to $20,000 less than the competition. Well, it goes back to our core principle and philosophy of value. Moomba maintains a no-frills approach and avoids pointless markups. We build into our products only what we know people really want, nothing more, nothing less. And we keep our costs down, but still our boats are built with the highest quality, market proven components which, by the way, are usually found in other brands throughout our segment. The result is that a Moomba owner experiences true tournament watersports performance, with reliable operation, at a category leading price. Simply stated, if you want to be on the water, enjoying time with family and friends and feel good knowing you didn’t overspend, then Moomba makes great sense.
So, “Why Now” you may ask?  After all, the headlines say the housing market, car manufacturing and the economy as a whole is down and out.  The sentiment dampeners are there, but the truth is, this is the best time to buy a Moomba.  
Despite the mortgage turmoil, if you have good credit, a job and steady income, you will find there is still plenty of credit to be had at good rates. For well-qualified buyers, rates are running at near historical lows.  In addition to saving on interest rates, dealers are eager to sell and are throwing in sweeteners to close the deal, and as the manufacturer, we are too.  We know you are looking for deals and we are trying to deliver.

So what do Moomba owners who have recently purchased in this crazy economy have to say about Why Moomba?  Why Now?


Ed G, who just recently purchased his second Moomba two months ago explained, “I bought my first Moomba because Moomba had a reputation for getting the best bang for your buck and I bought my second Moomba because my first Moomba was a jewel.  I also had fallen in love with the new design and the fact that my first Moomba had still retained its resale value.”  


Moomba owner, Patrick Biggins, also responded to Why Moomba?  Why Now? “There are things like the right pair of jeans, a good pair of boots, the little black dress, or a bottle of Bordeaux that have a value intrinsic to themselves.  Classics don't go out of style and they always maintain the value that made you acquire them in the first place.  An inboard ski boat has always had the same kind of value but they have been priced more like a luxury item for many of us.  That's what's so amazing about a Moomba.  It's all the benefit of one of those classic items but with the affordable price tag.  It's so much better than a classic motorcycle or even a car because it can be shared with family and friends, even at the same time.  It's not just for looking at.  It's ready to go and everybody can go.  And, a Moomba boat is the ultimate toy because it can be enjoyed over and over again.  Your Moomba takes you places you've never been; it's a state of mind.  Last thing– if not now, when?  When you're old; when you're sick; when you're past the time you can enjoy it?  No; now is the time of your life.”

We invite you to see for yourself what Moomba owners have to say about their boats.  Go to our Forums under the Community tab to interact with Moomba owners or click on this link http://moomba.com/msgboard/index.php. Ask questions and read past threads from existing owners.  Nobody can explain the real value better than a current owner.  

We hope this helps you understand why Moomba is a great choice and why now is a great time to buy.  Most importantly, we hope you realize if you make the decision to buy a Moomba not only will you be buying a boat, you’re also buying a partnership with the manufacturer and its dealer.  Take comfort in knowing you get the full package and the support network you expect.  Now you may think this is all just marketing fluff and in a way it is; but, also it isn’t.  For all our team members, this is what we believe, this is who we are and this is what we do.