Congratulations to Robbie Brown, Joey Carter, and Michael Fletcher for winning a day with Harley Clifford at Ambush Boarding Co. The event was held at Lake Allatoona just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Early in the morning, the day seemed skeptical with rainstorms all around the area. We caught a break in the weather and met up with Harley Clifford, the event winners, and the crew from Ambush to sign posters at 9am.

We had the lake to ourselves because school started the day before. The water was in the 80′s and if you haven’t been to Atlanta, it was extremely humid. Harley Clifford was first to ride getting the wake set to what he’s used to riding, which is twice as high and twice as steep as any normal person would ride. As usual Harley dazzled everybody with how easy he makes this sport look. After Harley, all the winners and their guest got a session in Harley’s signature vest.

Robbie Brown rode next hitting the “Harley sized” wake at full speed launching massive Indy Grab airs. Third on the water was Joey Carter with some stylish carves and jumps, having never ridden a wake that big. The only girl on the boat, Erica Tibbs who despite having ten guys watching her, did a great job. Joey’s guest Travis Roberts had an awesome run with some big jumps. To finish the day off, Michael Fletcher’s brother Alan rode doubles with Harley taking turns launching airs over each other.

Overall it was an amazing day. Afterwards we all grabbed food at Joe’s Crab Shack for an official Team Dinner. Special thanks to Lee and Derek from Ambush for setting everything up, Nick Gaddy for driving the boat, and everybody else who helped make this an incredible event.

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All photos provided by Mike Vavak.