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James Balzer (aka Jimmy Balz) is one tough SOB.  Born and raised in British Columbia, he’s used to riding in cold, cold temps.  He wants to see how dedicated you are, so he’s running a little contest through the end of February.  Post your winter weather riding photos to Obscura’s Facebook page, Balzer will check them out and hook up the best shot with a new Body Glove wetsuit, some Von Zipper shades, a case of Monster Energy, and a full Obscura prize pack!  No matter where you live or where you ride, grab your gear and hit the water to win!

2 Responses to “Win James Balzer’s Gear!”

  1. rich Says:

    are any videos accepted? got loads of snowy footy!

  2. Balzer Says:


    Put it up on the obscura fan pg we want to see the footy and if its the best you got ur self a stack of gear!!!!!!


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