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Josh Tranby took the last 2 years building rails and winching spots around town. Here’s some of the footage he logged.
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4 Responses to “Winching with Josh Tranby”

  1. cactusjib Says:

    You should have blasted through the foam after the wall slide

  2. johnny Says:

    jeez give raph derome a break~ quit stealing all his tricks! didnt you see his last video? #raphderomewannabee #CraigMcMorrisisbehindWakeZeach

  3. the dude Says:

    Such Whack style this dude is a joke! Also way to steal every other riders rail ideas and play it off as your own. Pffffft

  4. tom Says:

    hey dude and johnny,
    is your edit on this site anywhere? I didnt see it in the headline banner, before or after this one, if so could you please post a link to it, I would love to see it and critique your style while sitting on my fat a$* eating chips.

    they dont post crap on this site, if they did you wouldnt watch it. he throws down better than most, some of the top people in the sport recognized that and posted it here to inspire others to push the sport to the next level, not hate on it.

    if you dont like it get off your crabby aS* and make your own all original edit.
    ps dont we all #wannabeelikeraphderome?

    d bags!


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