February 19th, 2013 by alliance

It’s official. Everyone is awesome wakeboarding. We received this video via facebook message which used to be where we found videos of kids learning their first flip. Now they are doing indy tantrum to back lip transfers. So now we wonder, if everyone is so good at wakeboarding, what separate the pro’s from the amateur’s?

40 Responses to “Winter riding with J.B. O’Neill”

  1. pickles Says:

    If this guy is an amateur rider then the pro’s have some work to do!

  2. brad Says:

    JB is the man, shredding!

  3. chad Says:

    according to the wwa a little card will determine if you are pro or not… Great riding, especially for a winter edit.

  4. Steve Says:

    Finally a young kid coming up who can shred on the boat and the cable. Take notice kids!

  5. Andy Says:

    yeahhhh jb killing it

  6. Slam Says:

    Been watching JB ride the last 4 months at BSR the kid is progressing the sport every day.

  7. ohoh Says:

    please dont tell me that you think those extremely large plastic boxes are RAIL . If so you are wrong . Cable parks Have to step up their game . didnt see much of a press in this edit … more like a spin to win dancing class to me.

  8. gohard Says:

    2012-2013, years of the cable. Best thing to ever happen to wakeboarding. Destroys the learning curve especially for young riders who have lots of freee time to spend there.

  9. hmm Says:

    Pro’s are paid and have a pro model with a board company. Usually. But then again this is the standardless wake industry.

  10. Corey Marotta Says:

    Good efforts….wondering where the inspiration for the music came from?

  11. brad Says:

    Hey ohoh, why don’t you build a cable with all handrails and make an edit?

  12. Charlton Says:

    so poppy

  13. Matt Murphy Says:

    Slam’s got it. JB just started riding cable this summer and shreds so hard. So freaking sick. Sleeps on my couch and rides all day, no worries. If the pro tour includes cable this year, you better bet that he’ll be ranking in the top

  14. Kaelin mace Says:

    Amazing video! As always J.B killed it. I’d love to see the haters go out and try doing what he does. Then we will see who’s still criticizing afterwards.

  15. Devon Says:

    “Ohoh” needs to get hoe slapped

  16. Grace Dauzat Says:

    Heckkk yeah bud! Had so much fun filming the boat section of this. You killed it!

  17. bro Says:

    hes not pro? that was dope

  18. Logan Dane Farris Says:

    JB has been killing it for awhile now. Im betting 2013 is gonna be is pay off year.

  19. alex Says:

    s-ben big warm tantrum to-revert wtf we are not in 2000 ?

  20. Jamie Says:

    that was awesome.. why do people hate on here so much?

  21. Kyle Says:

    unreal riding

  22. blake Says:

    tantrum back lip same way 27 out whaaaa

  23. Name (required) Says:

    Hey Alex you sure your name isn’t AJ? Youre a fag dude, get your shit straight…. This riding is dope

  24. hulihee Says:

    This is some great riding here! SO sick. And the time and effort it guys to take shots like these and edit them up never gets enough credit.

    Pro or am? gold jacket? green jacket?

  25. TheSpangler Says:

    Damn he kills it!

  26. Colin Says:

    Killin it JB! So good!!

  27. Erika Says:

    This video is so badass!!! I love everything about it. Woo Reppin ATX~!!

  28. Lang Says:

    Yeah JB! Good work.

  29. Cigbreak Says:

    Yeah Jb is totally gay for building those giant box rails! This is a badass edit. Props sirs

  30. CATS Says:

    I remember seeing JB’s old supra on OnlyInboards two years back, if my memory is serving me correctly? There was a link to one of his edits on Vimeo. He’s been a boss for a while, loving watching his edits.

  31. uknowit Says:

    This dude’s for real pro status
    enough with the pro gratis.

    Keep killin it JB style!!

  32. Ohoh and Alex are gay Says:

    Ohoh and Alex need to go bone each other while riding their gay a** roller blades. Quit hating you silly little D bags. Let’s see your bag of tricks behind the boat AND the cable… Oh wait all you have is sh*t talking on the web

  33. Micaela Says:

    Nothing is hotter than JB shredding. Take me for a ride… on your xstar that is ;)

  34. Shane96 Says:

    Did not expect that out of this kid at all….. All I have to say is wow. Impressed for sure.

  36. unbiased opinion Says:

    definitely a killer all around edit so props for that JB, could have done without the plastic dancing and zeaching but everyone seems to like it so who cares where wakeboarding goes…right? and to shed some light matt, lets try about 4-5 years of cable experience from JB.

  37. Jonathan kovak Says:

    Kid definitely rips

  38. pintal Says:

    trantrum to blind in ???? wtf next time s bend in …. arkkkkk

  39. pintal Says:

    awsome rider !!! your going a bit to hard on the rail… keep your nice trick with your style !!

  40. John Says:

    Where’d you get the inspiration for the edit? Nosia Vision Trailer maybe? Because it’s exactly the same. Other than that, sick riding.


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