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If you’ve been to Jibtopia Wake Park, you most likely know Clark Davis. He spends countless hours at the park with friends new and old all while getting a few sessions in for himself. This is a look at Clark’s time at the park. Enjoy!

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14 Responses to “Winter to Summer at Jibtopia”

  1. Reeder Says:

    yeah Clark!

  2. Yonel Cohen Says:

    Most unique video I’ve ever seen in my life!!! He is like the wakeboarding Ritchie Jackson

  3. chad Says:

    Love the Scott Stevens thing he has going on, just wished he would keep it at 90 on the rail tricks though.

  4. LukeR Says:

    Dude killed it

  5. J.b. ONeill Says:

    you are insane clark!

  6. ash_p Says:


  7. Sam Baker Says:

    This is all time Clark!! Yeahhhhh

  8. FlipDSK Says:

    So sick love the hippy hop crossed foot

  9. Jeff Mathis Says:

    Daaaaaaamn shawty.

  10. good Says:

    definitely influenced by ritchie!!

  11. Dylan Says:

    Who the fuck is Ritchie

  12. Ian Smith Says:

    hahaha that is so sick!

  13. Wes H Says:

    Damn that guy can ride boards!

  14. ananomys Says:



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