January 9th, 2013 by alliance

Its that time a year when wakeboarders start slacking off and taking it easy. Guys like Rusty Malinoski are always out there on the water and putting in the hours. We brought Stu Shinn and Zane Schwenk out to do a little winter training with Rusty and spend some time with him getting their feet back on the board. Zane with all his knowledge turned from student to master in no time and was spreading words of wisdom for everyone.

7 Responses to “Winter Training with Rusty Malinoski: Stu Shinn and Zane Schwenk”

  1. Slurpeee Says:


  2. Steve Says:

    Zane is a funny dude.

  3. WakeGuru Says:

    I bet Stu is pumped on this video…………… Alliance killing it as usual.

  4. Evan Says:

    More videos of stu riding boat!

  5. don kking Says:

    Zane did a froot-loop haha old school like he said i was a freshmen in high school when you were born. stew’s riding was kinda bad pr for his career

  6. Logan Says:

    It was a slurpee…
    Not a fruit-loop…
    Fruit loop is a ts front flip with a back one

  7. hmm Says:

    Zane’s riding is unreal.


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