Let’s face it…the season is here and you’re STILL  FAT. No wonder you haven’t landed the 540 yet. Sure you work every day and when you get home you’re feet are killing you because you sat down all day in your office watching Alliancewake.com videos and a little Red tube when the boss takes his lunch, but get over yourself. you’ll never be a pro until you start acting like one. Here’s what they do to stay in shape…Take notes.

Josh Palma – “Below is the in-season workout that I try to stick to a couple times a week.  Both in and out of season, I focus on doing as many exercises as possible using my own body weight/free weights rather than machines.  I mix in destroying Bob Soven in basketball, biking, and I’m trying to do some swimming now as well.”

– the workout Josh attached to this email was seriously intense…So much so that I was sweating by the time I finished reading it. It featured words / phrases such as “Circuit 4,” “theraball, ” and “Jobe Shoulder.” let’s just go ahead and say that Josh takes his Gym time seriously!

No Contest!

Harley Clifford – “When it comes to the wakeboard season I stop most of my fitness training and instead wakeboard 3 to 4 sets a day along with with a 30 minute jog and always try to eat healthy. Also I’ll do yoga twice a week to keep my flexibility up. Then in the off season back home in AUS I have a personal trainer who keeps me fit and helps me work on the muscles that I need to develop and use for wakeboarding.”

Bob Soven – “Wakeboarding, Hot Yoga (for the flexibility and the ladies), playing basketbal, and climbing trees.”


Andrew Adkison – “There is no way I can fit a weeks worth of fitness into one text. but I’ll give it a shot: Basically it boils down to this…Wake up, ride, and repeat. In the off season I’ll hit the gym 3 times a week and try to ride at least 4 days a week. During the summer when I’m not traveling I ride 5 days behind the boat and probably 2 cable days per week. I used to swim but it’s torture, however logging time in the pool will put you in such good shape you’ll never get fatigued while riding.”

Clay Fletcher – (See below)

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Jeff McKee – “I just started doing yoga classes at the local Y and also play basketball and soccer a couple days a week. I can get a rebound 8 out of 10 times which is good because I can’t shoot for s**t. The soccer league is also great especially when it comes to the respiratory workout, but the large pizza and pitcher of beer that usually follows can be a bit counter active.”