Last Night – We saw the premiere of Transgression last night. Definitely some of the best cinematography ever in a wakeboard film. Ronn Sidenglanz said, "I didn't want to make another wakeboard film." I think he got as close to that as possible for making a film about a team of wakeboarders. Stand out sections were Keith Lidberg, Matt Manzari, Ryan Doyle and of course Randall Harris. Randall and Ronn have a friendship that gives Ronn the ability to produce a segment that only he and Randall could put together. Watch it.

Today – If you want to become true a professional wakeboarder you will need to prove yourself at the World Wakeboard Association's World Championships…and get a mohawk. Yep, apparently the mohawk is the latest definition of professional wakeboarding status. Rocking fresh mohawks today were Keith Lidberg, Tino Santori, Jeff Weatherill and Dean Smith. The fad does not sound as if it will spread to the wakeskaters as Grubby did not sound as if he was interested in following suit.

It was hot and dry in Reno today, but there was no wind. the conditions were perfect for riding. The conditions were perfect for sweating too. Have you ever been to Reno? It's like a little Vegas, but not as good…

Some notes on the riding –

Shaun Murray still kills it. Trevor Hansen is the most low-key yet bad ass wakeboarder here. Dean Smith rides exactaly like his personality …quickly. JD and Rathy both rode really well, JD took their heat. Watson rode super smooth and won his heat. Dallas Friday, Emily Copeland and Amber Wing are set for a showdown tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more.