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Apparently WSR is truly focused on setting regular goals for the crew. It’s one thing to live in Florida where every boat is basically in your backyard on a perfect lake, it’s a whole other story for most everyone else especially in California. Even more impressive is that the WSR HQ could arguably be the West Coast version of what people experience in Florida. The crew’s mission of spreading its message beyond the backyard has top priority. Case in point, the recent WSR trip to a California lake called Lake Nacimiento.

Words by Vandall

Recharged, revitalized, and rebooted WSR is Turnt Up!  Staying true to our meeting of unifying and focused, we decided it would be best if we did something other than party, shoot video, and snap pics at HQ like we’ve been doing for past week and a half.  Spencer Smith was in town and we needed to take advantage of that because we all know how rare it is to see him on the West these days.

After brainstorm’n with the posse, the consensus was to head from WSR HQ to Lake Nacimiento and shoot for 3 days, we could stay with T-Rex and his lady Amy in Paso Robles. After arguing for 2 days about how many vehicles to take, Spencer finally submitted and let us All hop in his pearl white Escalade. All 5 humans 1 French Mastiff and 1 poodle! Saint and Eddie spooned in the back during the hour and a half drive.

Once at casa T-Rex, we unleashed the hounds to play with the other 3 hounds on the property including being introduced to Amy’s 3 horses. That’s a total of 8 fricken creatures staying at the house with us! It was dope! Justin Fischer rolled in from the north with some gigantic sun glasses fresh off lasik eye surgery. He wouldn’t be able to frolic in the water but he was on point with the comic relief.

We hit the lake for two days of the most amazing conditions Ol’ Naci has ever produced. This time of year is reserved for the locs so there was no lake traffic. Apart from our boats, we only saw 2 other boats the whole time. The water was glassy and the light was majestic. All the athletes had the chance to shoot stills, sequences, and log some video. Spence also worked out some insane flash shots after sunset. Troy provided the chase boat and the superb chase boat driving for everybody’s set. Thanks T-Rex!!

At some point Melissa and I suggested to Amy that in exchange for her awesome hospitality and great cooking, we could all pitch in and scoop the horse poop. There was a little grunting and groaning at first but we all had fun running from the easily excitable new Mare and watching the dogs push their luck by trying to play with the larger beasts. As usual Spence showed up for the last 2 minutes of physical labor and we called it a day.

Day 3 of WSR and Nacimiento got 86’d by a crazy windstorm. We hit up the local breakfast joint, Margies, for some larger than necessary platters of grub and kicked rocks. We were chased all the way back to HQ by the windstorm.

Valla Con Dios