Since it’s inception, the WSR crew has made a point to position itself away from what could be considered mainstream wakeboarding. Whether it’s roots from boardsports or lack of access to good consistent annual conditions, WSR’s style and overall vibe has produced some of our sport’s biggest standout athletes. This presence leads all the way back to a small group of riders based out of Seattle in the early 90s.

Today WSR is alive and thriving more then ever. If there’s one person capable of being the sole champion of the WSR mission it’s none other then Randall Harris. Randall invited us to the newly formed WSR headquarters and this is what he had to say:

RH: Most people don't realize how hard it is to ride at a professional level in California.  No matter which lake we chose to ride in, the daily grind includes the time consuming task of trailoring, fat sack filling, emptying, and cleaning the boat.  On top of that every body of water is patrolled by at least one of a few authoritative forces, none of which are prepared to cut any slack.  As if that is not enough dilemmas to work around, those of us fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to ride in Canyon Lake have an additional array of obstacles, which may be unleashed upon us singularly or in a variety of combos any given day.  Preparing to ride in Canyon Lake is like preparing a covert military operation.  The backwater is our battleground.  Canyon is patrolled by an evil empire called the poa whom is in cahoots with bitter skiers.  We have to evade the poa, the police, and the hate filled skiers in order to have a successful day on the lake.  Canyon Lake is the only place we knew existed with the controlled riding conditions necessary for what we do, so we've been forced into combat since we began wakeboarding.  I have literally dreamed of waking up at my house and walking through my backyard to the dock where my boat sits filled to near sinkage in glass water.  I commence to ride with no one yelling or waving their arms except to cheer me on.  With the new WSR headquarters this dream has become a reality…and in California.  The small community not only accepts us but also embraces us and enjoys the fact that we are there to put on demos and be positive role models for their children.  We can now ride in peace.  Not only that but Big Spence can fly in sittin sidewayz and land on the airstrip that is directly in the center of our new holy water, pull up, and park his plane 20 feet from the boat.  I estimate this new top-secret location will more than triple the productivity for the West Side Riders.  I knew God was going to deliver the promise land, I just didn't realize it would be this soon!  Now our battle is how good we can get as athletes/wakeboarders, not how much riding time we can get.

No doubt Ricky G, Melissa Marquart, Jacob and Eddie Valdez, and even Nick Taylor AKA “Tan Diego” will be there on a regular basis.

The code to the gate is go #*.