Texas – The saying goes, “Everything is bigger in Texas.” Well they got it wrong, it should say, “Everything is Hotter in Texas.” I’m not sure how Dallas/Fort Worth is hotter on a regular basis than Orlando, but when it is hot, it’s freaking hot.

Rain & Wind – Being hot in Texas is only balanced by the thunder and windstorms. I mean if it’s hot it might as well rain and blow too.

Ice Blocking – If you drive an ice truck (a truck that you use to deliver large bags of ICE to events like the world championships) and it has been raining heavily do not try to stop or even drive on a steep, grassy bank with three brand new (2007) Malibu Wakesetters and a new Ford truck sitting at the bottom of the hill. If you find you can’t stop your ice truck, learn from this guy and hit the other truck rather than the tent full of boats.

The Ladies – The professional women in our sport are awesome. They have gotten so much better in the past two years that they are all beginning to have a few of their own signature moves that they do differently than the rest of the girls. They are also so much nicer to talk to than the guys, not to mention that they are all really good looking and in really good shape.

Aaron Reed – Aaron Reed is a World Champion. Honestly, I think we called this one back in 2003.

Kids Ripping – The Jr. Men’s division is still the one to watch, they are ripping. Even the Boys (11-13) are freaks. When kids in the Boys division are doing 7’s, the pros on the podium might want to take notice.

Family Guy- This is the best and worst part about our sport. This is a family sport and it is so cool to see all of the young kids hanging out, playing games, farting around and then going out and riding in the World’s like they are on their home lake, no big deal. Except when the baseball dads are out there reminding them why they fell and getting upset with their performance. Wouldn’t it be great to hear a kid say, “Then why don’t you get your fat ass out there and do it better if you know so much!”

Sean Dishman & Chris Bischoff  – These guys take their jobs seriously and bust their asses to make these big pro-am events go off for the growth of the sport and deserve some real credit. It’s really great when they buy a couple of the Alliance staff dinner on the World Sports & Marketing expense account too, love those guys.

Stephanie Wamsley – She rips on a wakeskate but forgot to wear her helmet and got disqualified for hitting an obstacle without the proper protection. At least she could laugh at her own rookie mistake.