September 6th, 2011 by alliance

So G!

Video by: Johnathan Ferguson

So G!
Video by: Johnathan Ferguson

15 Responses to “Yan Tibo Is So G”

  1. Austin Todd Says:

    killer video as always bro ! what song is this ??

  2. really... Says:

    From cool to trashy in 2min 11sec

  3. Oli D Says:

    thats just for the video , yan does not smoke for real

  4. Elliott Dollar Says:

    dude killz it! no doubt about it…

  5. G Says:

    rode with Yan a couple days before the tampa contest. Super cool dude and he shreds hard

  6. Reeder Says:

    Yeah Yeah! i just did the shuffle for you Yan!

  7. wow Says:


  8. john Says:

    Burning trees I see 00. Good vid just to much hoping around on the rails, hold a press looks even more cool.

  9. jack Says:


  10. Jeff Mathis Says:

    love to see rail and boat skills in the same video, sick riding dood.

  11. John Says:

    Whats up with the slack in his rope at 1:15
    He didn t even land it. Not legit

  12. Justin H. Says:

    Looks like he just advanced on the jetski to me. Happens all the time coming off a decline.

    I agree with Jeff. That is a nice mix of Boat, Ski and 2.0.

  13. bradey Says:


  14. al Says:

    yan is pretty good for having a gut

  15. Kaesen Suyderhoud Says:

    Next time you should smoke the cigar while you are riding tibo! Haha! Such a dope edit!


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