Revealing Virtual Experience to Try it Before you Buy It and More!

Athens, Ga (November 20, 2009) ~ ZDecals is stoked to announce the launch of their all new and improved website.  The upgraded and updated site is the result of two years of analysis, design and programming.  The goal and end result is to provide visitors with a virtual experience that is as compelling as visualizing the finished product on their boat.  The added Fitting Room and Mockup Area allows users to try it before you buy it.  Overall, the added functions and features of the revamped website offer’s users more of want they want!

Not only does the site reveal the next generation of graphic design, but most importantly, users have access to a multitude of easy to find photos and videos with large viewing windows. With over 100 different color combinations of Full Wraps to browse through, as well as over 100 different Partial Wraps and over 20 different Decal Kits.  The site comes complete with the ability to customize any make, any model and any year boat. ZDecals Wake Wraps are for New and Used boats of ALL makes and models. So whether it’s a Supra, Malibu, Centurion, Tige, MasterCraft, Moomba, etc., our product is for you. Designing your new wake wrap is only a click away.

Not only will ZDecals allow you to try it before you buy it, but they will also show you how to install your own Wake Wrap.  Yep, that’s right.  All it takes is one Normal Guy, 1 Decal Kit and 1 Hour.   Add it up and you will have one great looking boat.  It’s the perfect upgrade to factory decals or the answer to your aging gel coat.  The all new site will show you how to take your dull and rusty boat to shiny and sleek. Adding a Wake Wrap is truly an investment that will completely enhance the look of your boat and protect the gelcoat underneath.

Be sure to check out the Wrap University feature on the website. This section will explain exactly what a wrap is and what you should expect. And if you are not into installing the wrap yourself, have ZDecals install it. They have a complete installation network covering the entire contiguous U.S. so you can feel comfortable that your wrap is being installed by the Nation’s Best!

Another must see feature is the all new Swim Platforms section. Due to popular demand, ZDecals has now created the ultimate slip resistant, skid resistant and graphically enhanced platform wrap to replace your old worn out platform.  Never before has anyone been able to customize your platform like this! Just peel your old one off, and apply the new one.

The content throughout the website offers valuable information for anyone looking to add value, dress up or make a boat look like new again.  But what will the wrap look like on your boat?  Try it before you buy it… Go on, try it out at www.zdecals.com .  Enjoy and tell us what you think!

About  ZDecals
Hmm… A little about who we are? Well, one thing is for sure, we love what we do. We don’t aim for perfection, we aim a little higher. Not sure what that would be called, but hopefully you get it. We only expect perfection from each other day in and day out. From the fresh designs from our designers, the vibrant colors that roll off our printers, to the over the top graphic installations, our customers should have no doubt that they’re dealing with the best. Now we have to be honest, the reason we go nuts on quality is we really don’t want to see your wrap back in our shop and we like it when you spread the good word. We’d rather see you catching some big air on the weekends and doing a little bragging here and there. We’re here to do one thing… create cool stuff and hear people say “how did you do that?!?” If you’re looking for something different and a team you can trust, you’ve found us.

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